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SEED - "Sustainable Energy, Environment and Development"

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The National Ecology and Environment Foundation (NEEF) is a not-for-profit, non-government Organization (NGO) having its Head Office at Mumbai, India and several Branch Offices across the country. The NEEF has been promoted by experts in the fields of engineering, science, humanities & social sciences and policy making. The Foundation has several Affiliations and Collaborations with Individuals/ Organizations within India and abroad. The NEEF focuses on the “Energy and Environment Sectors” through its Programs on Education, Research, Consultancy, Action & Advocacy and Media and promotes Sustainable Development.

Indian Society for Life Cycle Assessment (ISLCA) is promoted by the NEEF to focus on LCA and provide a neutral forum where all viewpoints of environmental management and LCA can be addressed. The Advisory Boards of NEEF and ISLCA include outstanding experts and researchers having recognition at national and international levels in their areas of expertise. In addition, NEEF and ISLCA have several Life-members, Consultants, Center Coordinators and Volunteers, contributing towards the promotion of NEEF's activities.

The major objectives of the NEEF can be summarized as - Educational, Training, Action-oriented and Mass Media Programs to inculcate willingness and awareness among people; Basic and Advanced Research with an inter-disciplinary perspective; and, Consultancy and Expert Advice to private and public sector organizations. Through its Programs and Activities, the NEEF is dedicated towards its motto: SEED - "Sustainable Energy, Environment and Development"

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NEEF and ISLCA organize Academic, Business and other Events.The ISEED is a Flagship International Event of the NEEF focusing on a broad theme of Innovative and Sustainable Solutions in “Sustainable Energy, Environment and Development" (SEED) covering several sub-themes, areas and topics. The details of our event SEED-2021 are given below.


Organisation by & Participation of NEEF team in various events and activities at National & International Levels.


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Individuals and Organizations can promote NEEF’s Programs and Activities by getting affiliated to us - Centre Coordinator, Life Member, Expert Consultant, Advisor and Volunteer.

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